MSC Achieves New Certifications


MSC Achieves New Certifications


The company is now in receipt of the ISO 9001 2008 standard, and the latest ISO 26000.

The ISO certification process is a Quality Management System which provides evidence that a company is producing a consistently high level of customer service and product delivery.

During the audit process, MSC was assessed for, among other areas, its Booking and Operations, Hospitality, Logistics, Corporate Sustainable Social Responsibility, Facilities Management, Legal and Claims Handling, Code of Conduct, Documentation, Energy Efficiency and Customer Contract Reviews.

 “We have every right to feel very pleased and proud about this result,” said Mr Vande Velde.

“Both reports resulted in great feedback comments, with only a few small areas for us to continue to work on.”

He added: “These standards would not have been achieved without the co-operation of many departments within the business, and the effort from a number of individuals across Headquarters, so I would like to thank everyone for their input.”

MSC’s sustainability team will now focus upon the ISO 14001 audit, which takes place in the latter months of this year and includes an emphasis on environmental undertakings and the new ISO 9001 2015 version.

In particular, the new 9001 version will include the different aspects of Risk Management in our business.