MSC Helps Pharmaceutical Industry Protect Lives with High-Value Live Vaccine Cargo Deliveries


MSC Helps Pharmaceutical Industry Protect Lives with High-Value Live Vaccine Cargo Deliveries


A Reliable Container Shipping Partner to Continue 220 Years of Protecting Lives
Since 1796, vaccines have protected millions of lives around the world by preventing a variety of life-threatening diseases. The recent Covid-19 global pandemic further underscored the importance of preventive healthcare and the need for reliable logistics partners to help pharmaceutical companies bring these essential products to all corners of the world, continuing the 220-year legacy of protecting lives.

At MSC, it is our priority to help our pharmaceutical customers to help the world. Our container transportation offers a GDP certified, highly controlled yet cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical cargoes, including the extremely sensitive live vaccines. On top of being powered by cutting-edge reefer technology, customers can also be assured of rigorous pre-trip inspection, close monitoring throughout the cargo journey, and the expertise of dedicated experts with deep knowledge of the pharma industry.

Customer Success Story: MSC Entrusted to Deliver High Value Live Vaccine Cargoes into Asia with Container Shipping
Traditionally transported by air cargo, MSC has been entrusted by a valued pharmaceutical client to deliver its precious live vaccine cargoes swiftly, securely and efficiently by container shipping. This shift was encouraged by the greater capacity and value, lower carbon footprint and assured quality that our container shipping offers. The Antwerp to Singapore deliveries that are growing from strength to strength also marked the client’s inaugural live vaccine shipments into Asia with container shipping.

In a remarkable feat, MSC also achieved a record reefer power-off duration at point of discharge that significantly outperforms the industry standard and further optimizing efficiency for our customer.

Live vaccines are extremely sensitive cargoes. They require a heightened level of care, precise and consistent temperature control, and top-notch equipment to protect its quality and potency. Here’s why MSC is the partner of choice for delivering your high-value live vaccine cargoes to the right place, at the right time, and in the right conditions:

1. GDP Compliant to Ensure Highest Level of Quality, Safety and Continuous Improvements
A globally recognised certification within the pharmaceutical industry, MSC is certified to be compliant with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) of medicinal products for human use, and of active substances for medicinal products for human use.

This compliance system also includes two levels of monitoring by MSC’s functions and ensured by a specialized external company auditing our GDP compliance twice a year. The final level of control is a third-party certification audit for which MSC partners with DNV Certification Body.  This means that your live vaccine cargoes will be handled with utmost control, expertise and continuous improvements as our end-to-end processes adhere to the strict regulations required by the pharma industry.

2. Young Reefer Fleet with Advanced Cooling Technology Ensuring Stable Temperature Control
Backed by the most advanced cooling technology, our young reefer fleet will protect your live vaccines at the required temperature throughout the transportation journey.

With a low Global Warming Potential (GWP), these world-leading reefers will also help protect the environment while we help you protect lives. At MSC, we have a vast fleet that offers a reliable transportation solution which can accommodate larger volumes, while ensuring your cargoes arrive in excellent condition. More about our reefer solutions here.

3. Rigorous Pre-Trip Inspections and Close Monitoring Throughout the Cargo Journey to Safeguard Your Vaccines
With rigorous pre-trip inspections and complete cleaning of the containers by our reefer teams, we give your live vaccines the world-class care that they deserve, right from the outset. As a certified supplier, we observe strict security procedures including temperature checks, appropriate corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), traceability tests and much more. To further safeguard the integrity of your live vaccines, our modern fleet is equipped with fresh air vent security seals that serve as added security to prevent tampering or inaccuracy in the air vent setting.

Your cargoes will remain closely monitored throughout transit, with sensors as well as experts both onboard and onshore ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment. They are also ready to go above and beyond with their utmost support and expertise if any non-conformances occur.

4. Reefer Expert Teams with Deep Knowledge Providing Seamless Port-to-Port Coordination and Dedicated Customer Service
MSC provides a holistic solution for your live vaccines' transportation. On top of being certified with the highest standards in the industry, using world-class equipment and following strict security procedures, our reefer expert teams with deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry will ensure a smooth transition of your cargoes from port to port and beyond. Our extensive intermodal solutions will also bring your live vaccines to wherever in the world that they are needed. Continuously trained in the latest standards and technologies, you can be assured of a dedicated and reliable customer service.

5. Reliable and Efficient Worldwide Connections with Competitive Transit Times
Working with MSC will plug you into our reliable and efficient network of experts across more than 675 offices, planning 300 global routes to 520 ports in over 155 countries. The live vaccines from Antwerp to Singapore are transported on our Lion Service, which provides direct call between the two major pharmaceutical cities with competitive transit time. From Singapore, the world’s largest transshipment hub, MSC also offers various outbound destinations in accordance with your requirements. More on our trade services outstanding global connections here.

Count On Us for Your Live Vaccine Deliveries
“The pharmaceutical business is a noble industry of saving lives. It is our privilege to have a giant pharmaceutical customer entrusting us and our container shipping solution with their live vaccine deliveries. To ensure that we transport these highly sensitive yet live-saving cargoes in optimal cold-chain conditions throughout the journey, we have undergone months of preparations, meticulous planning and robust testing. We are confident that MSC is the trusted partner in safeguarding the quality of these live vaccines while bringing them to all corners of the world.” Alex Chee, Managing Director, MSC Singapore said.

With our proven expertise and experience in pharmaceuticals and live vaccines transportation, you can count on us to help continue the 220-year legacy of protecting lives.

Contact your local office representatives today to find out how we can support you in making a positive impact on the world together.