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Connecting El Salvador to the world

MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from the El Salvador since 2007. Today, the company stands for 21 employees, 2 offices, 1 terminal and 4 weekly services. 

  • Awards for MSC El Salvador

Best Shipping Company – Global Service, Import and Export of 2020. 
Best Shipping Company on Export service - 2018.

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Demurrage and Storage charges

What is demurrage?
Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the use of the carrier’s full container inside the marine terminal, railroad facilities or container yard. This charge can also apply while the container is undergoing customs inspections, or while the cargo inside the container is being reworked for safety reasons.   
In case of a demurrage dispute, email sv520-finanzas@msc.com (email subject: Dispute + Invoice Number), describing the reasons for your dispute. 

What are storage charges?

A storage charge is applicable, after the free time expires, for containers left inside the terminal.
Demurrage and storage: updated payment policy 

Please note that Account receivables team will no longer accept check copies or written guarantees to release shipments from Detention and Demurrage hold. 

The following options are available for release of shipment: 

  • For immediate release, wire transfer to our bank account 001-301-000031090 | Banco Cuscatlán | Type: CC
    or Please after made the payment sent an email to sv520-finanzas@msc.com

Questions about demurrage or storage charges?
Contact our Account receivables team: sv520-finanzas@msc.com

SOLAS VGM information for El Salvador

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

In line with SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) regulations, all marine terminals in the El Salvador are now allowed to use their certified scales to record Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of shipments.

What do I need to include in my VGM instructions?

You must include the following on all VGM instructions:

  • Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number 
  • Container number
  • VGM + weight measurement unit (lbs. or kgs.) - Kgs
  • Responsible Party Name 
  • Digital signature of the authorised signatory in all CAPITAL LETTERS

How can I submit my VGM instructions?

  • mymsc (Free of Charge)
  • EDI (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart) - Inttra
  • Manually (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart) – Not, only digital (MYMSC or INTTRA)

Guidelines for submitting your VGM instructions

  • For truck delivery, the ultimate deadline for VGM submission will be 24:00 hours before vessel arrival.

Prohibited Cargo

It is illegal to bring the following items into or out of El Salvador.

  • Radioactive materials and Explosives
  • Used cars above eight years are not allowed to enter in El Salvador

Household goods must be notified to a freight forwarder or moving company, please check with us in case of doubt SV520-documentacion@msc.com

For used tires, before accepting the booking, please check with us SV520-documentacion@msc.com

Note: Vessel service via Port Acajutla provided by Maersk vessel / It is mandatory to request authorization to MEDLOG for all IMO Cargo due to Maersk restrictions. 


  • Narcotics and some medication containing prohibited substances 
  • Absinthe (or other alcohols containing Artemisia absinthium) 
  • Radioactive Material and Explosives

List of Terminals 

Ports and terminals
MSC operates services to and from the following El Salvador port and terminal, with local teams in each location to support our customers.

 Port of Loading  Terminal 1  
 Acajutla CEPA Puerto Acajutla

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