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MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from Togo since 2006. Today, with more than 10 services connecting 200 global routes, MSC Togo moves more than a hundred thousand TEU of cargo a year. 

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현지 사무소 정보

Detention, demurrage, and storage charges

What is detention? 
Detention is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the full import container gate out from the terminal, or for the empty container delivered for export.   

What is demurrage? 
Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires for full import container discharged and still on the terminal. 

What are storage charges? 
A storage charge is applicable after the free time expires for the occupied space by the container in the terminal. It is invoiced by the terminal operator directly to the customer. 

Payment of detention and demurrage charges  
Direct invoice request to:  
Demurrage and detention charges can be paid elsewhere upon approval of POD and POL based on EMC. 

Detention and demurrage: updated payment policy  
Payment by cheque is no longer accepted. 

SOLAS VGM information for MSC Togo

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

In line with Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS) regulations, all marine terminals in TOGO are now allowed to use their certified scales to record shipment VGM.  

What do I need to include in my VGM instructions?

You must include the following on all VGM instructions:

  • Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number
  • Container number
  • VGM and weight measurement unit (kgs.)
  • Responsible Party Name
  • Digital signature of the authorised signatory in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

How can I submit my VGM instructions?

Guidelines for submitting your VGM instructions

  •  MSC prefers to receive a Shipper-Verified Gross Mass (VGM) before planning containers on the vessel. This helps to be sure that VGM details are well submitted before loading containers. 
  • The ultimate deadline for VGM submission is three days before vessel arrival. 

Please note: Shipments without VGM submission will be postponed to the next available vessel and hold fees (USD 25 per TEU per day) will be applied. 

Questions about VGM? 

Container Tracking Number 

A container tracking number (CTN) is mandatory for all cargo entering Togo or in Transit to hinterland countries. 

What is CTN or BESC? 
A CTN is an electronic cargo tracking note submission to ANTASER (the validation service for the value of goods), which must be made by the importer or forwarding agent before the cargo is discharged at Lomé port. CTN only applies to cargo arriving in or transiting through Togo. 
The CTN must be completed before the arrival of the goods at the port of Lomé. 
When the goods are in transit, two CTNs are requested: one each for Togo and for the country of destination. 

The CTN is a document which indicates the parties to the contract and the characteristics of the goods (Shipper, Consignee, Notify, Carrier, Vessel name, POL, POD, BL number, Container numbers, incoterm, Description of goods, Hs code, Cargo weight, Packages, Sea freight, Insurance premium, others cost, Freight payment place etc...) 

It must be completed before the goods are declared to customs. The customs service uses it to validate the value of the goods. 

Please Note: Importers who do not submit the CTN upon vessel departure can submit it at destination before clearance of the goods at the customs. But the POL must ensure that below clause is inserted in the manifest: "The shipper has not been able to provide the ECTN /BESC reference at the time of shipment. in consideration of the shipper not complying with the ECTN /BESC regulation, he hereby agrees to indemnify MSC and MSC Togo S.A., their respective servants and agents and to hold all of them harmless in respect of any liability, claim, or expenses of whatever nature which any of them may sustain by reason of non-production of ECTN /BESC number in accordance with Togo import local requirements” 

For more details, see:   

Ports and terminals

Ports and terminals
MSC operates services to and from the following USA ports and terminals, with local teams in each location to support our customers.

  • Lomé Container Terminal LCT

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