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Exports From Asia: Discover MSC’s East-West Network Shipping Services

Whether you’re shipping from China, Hong Kong, or Indonesia, for businesses involved in exporting cargo from Asia, or intra-Asia trade, you need to be able to connect with your customers as easily as possible. Because of this, working with a shipping company that can provide dedicated shipping solutions at the scale and speed you need is crucial for your business development and expansion.

That’s why we developed our East-West network, designed to offer you access to more ports, weekly departures, faster transit times, and improved reliability throughout Asia and East Asia. Beyond this, across our East-West network, we have been able to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions by simultaneously increasing the average size of our vessels and reducing the overall number of ships in operation.

By partnering with MSC, not only will you be shipping more sustainably, but also working with a shipping company that can offer you tailor-made solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Beispielloser Kundenservice

  • Verfügbarkeit von Containern

  • Tür-zu-Tür-Lieferlösungen für Unternehmen aller Größen

  • Fortlaufende Investitionen in umweltfreundlichere Technik

Erfahren Sie Mehr mit unseren Speziellen Leitfäden

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Transpazifik/USA WC - Kanada

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Asien bis zur US-Ostküste

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Asia Med

MSC Katrina sailing to Port of Caucedo dark


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Intra Asia


End-to-End Supply Chain Support for Your East Asia Exports

Regardless of whether you’re shipping dry, reefer, or liquid cargo, having excellent end-to-end supply chain support is a crucial part of any global or East Asian export.

From the initial booking process to final delivery, working with MSC means you’ll be able to fully utilize our full portfolio of supply chain solutions. Our team of industry experts are on-hand to help optimize your overall East Asian shipping experience in various ways, including:

Streamlined Communications

We will facilitate all communication between everyone involved in your supply chain. Whether it’s booking, finding the right routes, or getting a quotation, our team will be next to you for the entire journey. Not only does this help prevent bottlenecks, but also builds transparency and trust within your supply chain.

Customized Solutions

Our team has decades of experience across various industries. From shipping automotives, fruitsfood and beverages to consumer goods, we will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business and design personalized shipping solutions.

Whether your cargo requires specialized handling, logistics, or packaging we are on-hand to find the best services for your exports.

Local and Global Expertise

Both our local and global teams are on-hand to offer advice to mitigate any potential risks, but also to ensure smooth operations and optimal efficiency during your Asian export.

Our industry level expertise also means that as a team, we stay ahead of any technological advancements that can be used to streamline processes and enhance decision-making to ultimately ensure that your Asian Exports arrive at their final destination as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Shipping Solutions Dedicated to FEA Exports

Our East-West Network is specifically dedicated to FEA (far East Asia) exports. Wherever you’re exporting from in Asia, our numerous shipping locations help us facilitate fast, stream-lined global trade anywhere in the world.

Everything you Need for you Exports from Asia

Whether you’re exporting from Asia or involved in intra-Asia trade, our East-West network is designed to facilitate easy transpacific shipping. With a full portfolio of solutions at your disposal from dry container availability to intermodal solutions, transporting cargo from far east Asia was never easier.

For your chilled or frozen cargo, as well as offering a choice of sizes and models, our world-leading fleet features cutting-edge cooling and dehumidification technology, including Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and vent settings to ensure consistent airflow throughout your cargo’s journey. Beyond this, our expert team also carries out a thorough pre-trip inspection (PTI) and monitors your cargo regularly throughout their journey. Speak to one of our experts or discover our range of shipping routes and services today.

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