MSC to Speak on Digital Advances and Cool Cargoes at TPM22


Andre Simha, Global Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, will be virtually taking to the stage at 11:45 AM PST/ 2:45 PM EST on Friday, 25 February to take stock of where the shipping industry stands on the adoption of common processes and data format standards to clear the path for digital innovation. The session, titled “What Needs to Be Standardized in Global Shipping?” will be moderated by Eric Johnson, JOC’s Senior Editor, Technology, and will be set in the context of an evolving reality for logistics teams and service providers as they find themselves two years into a pandemic that has seen an acceleration in the uptake of digital solutions. Joining Andre on stage will be Michele Sancricca, Head of Worldwide Tech Solutions at Amazon Web Services and Bill Dobie, CEO of communication software provider SEDNA Systems.

Tom Hughes, MSC USA’s Executive Vice President, Import will also be joining a panel, this time in Long Beach on Tuesday, 1 March at 4:00 PM PST/ 7:00 PM EST. The session, “Cool Cargoes IV: How Carriers Are Approaching 2022 Following a Historic 2021” will investigate the challenges ahead and the best way to approach them, including an examination on how COVID-19 has affected the cold chain and how new investments in reefer equipment and technology will be approached going forward.

Relationships matter

After two years of the unprecedented impacts that the global pandemic has had on supply chains and the disruptions that have ensued, we’re looking forward to meeting our customers in person and joining critical conversations about the future of the industry.

As a global leader in transportation and logistics, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is continuing to work constructively with customers on enhanced forecasting and visibility, assisting them with all their shipping needs amid a very challenging market.

TPM is organised by The Journal of Commerce within IHS Markit and is the premier conference for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community. Annually attracting the most senior-level audience in the industry, TPM is a platform for a week of essential and intensive networking, negotiations, and relationship building among the multiple parties in the international container shipping supply chain.

Digitalisation in the shipping industry

MSC has long recognised the importance of digitalisation in the shipping industry and has been a driving force behind its digital transformation with a view to improve efficiency, transparency and security across the entire supply chain ecosystem, while continuing to create new value for customers.

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