Boosting Brazilian Exports with End-to-End Solutions


Boosting Brazilian Exports with End-to-End Solutions


Connecting Brazil to the world

MSC has become one of the biggest ocean carrier and logistics providers in Brazil, by continuously expanding its shipping and intermodal solutions. The company’s integrated transportation services have opened up opportunities for exporters of all sizes to enhance supply chain efficiency and reach new markets across the globe.

One of MSC’s customers in Brazil is Sucafina, a leading green and roasted coffee trader based in Geneva. The two companies first collaborated in East Africa over 35 years ago and have been working together in Brazil since 2018.

Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee and accounts for 30% of the world’s production.

Over the past years, Sucafina’s operations in Brazil have grown rapidly. The company was looking for a reliable and experienced logistics provider to manage the daily movement of goods from Vitoria, Santos and Rio de Janeiro, with the highest volumes in Vitoria.

As a market leader with years of experience in the coffee sector, MSC emerged as the partner of choice bringing together its global reach, modern equipment and specialist knowledge.

A seamless journey from crop to cup

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world and coffee lovers are finicky about quality, freshness, and taste. Being a sensitive commodity, transporting coffee presents a unique challenge. To protect against moisture, the stuffing process requires a high level of precision, and temperature and humidity levels have to be monitored closely during transit.

With years of experience in shipping coffee, and access to the latest container-tracking technology, MSC created a flexible solution to deliver Sucafina’s coffee to destinations around the world in perfect condition.


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To read more about MSC’s partnership with Sucafina >> download the case study


“As illustrated by the case of Sucafina, our smooth and efficient operations from pick-up to delivery result in time and cost savings for our customers. Being a trusted partner means that they can focus on their business, while we – the carriers – do what we do best.” Elber Alves Justo, Managing Director, MSC Brazil.

 “As Sucafina developed across the globe, it became crucial for our supply chain to have a partner who really understands the specificities of transporting coffee. With MSC, we found the right support for our business, even during the peak season, and now we can also look forward to more expansion in the years to come.” – Raphaelle Hemmerlin, Head of Logistics & Operational Efficiency, Sucafina.

Future looks promising as 2020-21 is set to be another record season for Brazilian coffee. Experts predict that the country will produce 65.1 million 60kg bags, compared to 53 million during the previous season.

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