MSC further supports preservation of marine environment by joining NAMEPA


MSC further supports preservation of marine environment by joining NAMEPA


MSC Group is proud to be a new member of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), which works to preserve the marine environment by promoting sustainable maritime industry best practices and educating the public.

MSC is committed to promoting a sustainable business model, remaining true to its roots and its core family values. Regardless of the challenges and transformation we might face in today’s business world, our approach does not and will not change: we have a genuine passion for the sea, an unparalleled nautical heritage and a strong commitment to our employees and communities.

As part of this, MSC is committed to promote sustainable use of the sea and marine resources, while extensively investing in the latest generation green technologies to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities on land, oceans and populations. We promote a focus on cleaner seas, land and cargo through massive investments in low-carbon technology, energy efficiency and operational efficiency.

“We are very pleased to partner with NAMEPA and leverage our ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable maritime industry. This initiative reflects our longstanding commitment to promoting responsible and environmentally sound operational practices and procedures while extensively investing in carbon reduction and cutting-edge pollution prevention equipment,” says Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs at MSC Group.

NAMEPA is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. For more information, visit .

Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NAMEPA, welcomes MSC Group as a new member of NAMEPA, noting that the two organisations share a common interest in maintaining best industry practices to “Save Our Seas”.

“MSC joins an extensive list of members that continue working to surpass their own goals as well as the expectations of others. The initiative of such organisations is why NAMEPA is proud to call them members,” Walker says.