Enhancement on VSA between Asia and Australia


Enhancement on VSA between Asia and Australia


MSC is pleased to announce service updates to its Panda and Wallaby services.  Both services operate under a Vessel Sharing Agreement with Maersk Line, Mitsui O.S.K Lines, and Hamburg Sud since November 2016. 

Panda Servicepanda.gif

Wallaby Servicewallaby.gif

The revised schedule will provide customers with significantly improved transit times from North China to Brisbane on the Wallaby service.  The Panda service will also provide enhanced transit times between Xiamen, Nansha, Kaohsiung and Melbourne.

The improved rotations will take effect from the following sailings:  

  • Panda service: MSC Anya KP719A, Kaohsiung, ETD 10th May 2017
  • Wallaby service: MOL Guardian 715W, Busan, ETD 13th May 2017

For transit times information and full details, please view our presentation.