MSC DANIELA Information – FD711W

Further to the above incident, the English Courts have issued a Limitation Decree on 22 March 2018 regarding the Limitation Fund. MSC Customers wishing to file claims against the Limitation Fund are referred to the legal notice published at page 12 on Lloyd’s List today (as attached), which provides instructions as to when and how to do so. The legal notice can also be viewed here (a scanned version of which is also attached).

Should MSC Customers require assistance in filing claims against the Limitation Fund, the six firms of English lawyers and claims recovery agents listed below will be able to provide advice.

MSC Customers who have claims in General Average, and who need advice on how to present their claims to the Adjusters, are referred to MSC’s Customer Notice of 1 December 2017.

For further information, please read attached document.