MSC Well-Positioned to Support Rising Rice Trades


MSC Well-Positioned to Support Rising Rice Trades



Rice is a staple food for more than half of the world’s 8 billion population. It’s a fundamental source of energy and nutrition for people across Asia, Africa, North America and many other areas.

Amongst the world’s ten biggest rice producers, nine of them are located in Asia, including Thailand, where World Rice Conference 2022 will be held. Known for the quality of its rice, Thailand also made the list for the world’s top three exporters of this essential crop. With India, the world’s largest rice exporter, banning shipments of broken rice since September 2022 and imposing a significant export tax on numerous rice varieties, exports from Thailand are expected to grow tremendously.


Containerised Shipping Protects Your Rice Cargo

Shipping rice requires an expert. This delicate and important crop is sensitive to temperature and moisture, and requires proficiency in perfect control throughout the entire transportation process.

Compare with bulk shipping – where rice cargoes are susceptible to a range of problems from spoilage to theft – container shipping provides better protection for the precious cargo against high temperatures, wet damage, bad weather, stealing and other hazards. Additionally, containers also provide more flexibility for rice producers as smaller quantities can be shipped at a time.


From Paddy to Table with MSC’s Extensive Network, Integrated Solutions and Comprehensive Insurance

As the largest container shipping line with a wide global network of 675 offices, MSC is well-positioned to support the rising rice trades, by delivering them from paddy to table while preserving its fragrance, flavor, shape and texture:

1. Extensive Network and Competitive Transit Times in Connecting Thailand with Africa, USA and Canada, Some of the World’s Major Rice Importers

• West Africa: MSC’s Africa Express service offers competitive transit times between Asia and Ivory Coast, including a new direct call at Abidjan.
• South Africa, East Africa and Indian Ocean Commission: The Ingwe service offers a direct call from Singapore, the world’s top transshipment hub, to Mundra (EAFR), Port Louis (IOC), Durban and Coega.
• Sub-Saharan Region: MSC is grateful to have won the Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards for “Best Shipping Line: Asia – Africa” in three of the past four years.
• US West Coast: The Sentosa service connects Laem Chabang with Los Angeles and Oakland. Competitive transit time from Laem Chabang to Los Angeles.
• US East Coast: The Elephant service directly connects Laem Chabang with New York, Norfolk and Savannah.
• Canada: The Maple service brings cargo from Shanghai, another major transshipment hub to Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

2. Flexible, Efficient and Sustainable Way of Moving Rice with Intermodal Transportation

While ocean shipping is key, partnering with a company that can also organise inland and intermodal solutions is important for many shippers.

With its fast-growing road network and robust infrastructure of trucks, MSC Thailand seamlessly connects the cargo across road and sea by bringing them to the main ports of Thailand.

3. Peace of Mind with MSC Cargo Insurance

To help customers stay ahead of the game when delivering goods as delicate as rice, MSC Cargo Insurance provides peace of mind that cargo is fully covered throughout the entire journey. Backed by first-class insurers, it safeguards against loss or damages caused by unforeseen circumstances from sudden port congestion to natural events. Competitively priced and fully customised to the needs of the customers, this reliable insurance provides the widest possible coverage for maritime and inland transportation.


A Leading Sponsor of World Rice Conference 2022

From 15-17 November 2022, MSC will be at the premier World Rice Conference in Phuket, Thailand. Its dedicated team of rice experts will be on-site to showcase and advise on the best solutions, technologies and standards to meet the individualised business needs of its customers.

Gaspard Vandamme, Managing Director of MSC Thailand said: “MSC has developed a strong presence in Thailand since 2001 and has decades of experience in transporting rice as an important source of energy to different parts of the world. There is a healthy and growing demand for rice from Thailand, and with our strong knowledge of the local market, comprehensive transport solutions and extensive global network, I am confident that we are the partner of choice for delivering this precious produce.”

MSC is also a leading sponsor of this prominent rice event that provides intelligence and meeting opportunities for both rice exporters and importers.


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