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MSC Cooperates with Algerian Authorities for Container Inspection


MSC Cooperates with Algerian Authorities for Container Inspection


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. confirms that it is cooperating with Algerian authorities regarding the inspection of a single MSC container at the port of Oran.

The container was subject to all the usual customs checking procedures on its journey from the port of Santos, Brazil, via transshipment at the port of Valencia, Spain, prior to its arrival in Algeria on 3 June.

MSC takes this matter very seriously and we will continue to cooperate with the authorities, as we always do when confronted by suspected trafficking of illicit goods. We have informed any customers with cargo inside the container of a delay.

Unfortunately, MSC, like other transportation companies, is affected from time to time by trafficking problems, even though we are meticulous about our internal processes and documentation procedures.

MSC is in general committed to working with all regulatory bodies to ensure illegal practices of this nature are dealt with promptly and thoroughly.