MSC Experts Share Short Sea Knowledge


MSC Experts Share Short Sea Knowledge


Short Sea is a critical resource for those shipping in Europe. In fact, the total gross weight of goods transported as part of EU short sea shipping was estimated at almost 1.7 billion tonnes in 2020*. 

Across Europe, our Short Sea transport network provides benefits for our customers no matter the goods they are shipping, the port of loading/destination, or the quantity. Our expert teams collaborate with colleagues from across MSC to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our customers. 

Thanks to the scale of our operations and our wide-reaching network, we are able to offer local specialist support, alongside a full door-to-door solution designed to meet customer needs.

Sharing our expertise

Some of our Short Sea experts from around Europe recently spoke about the benefits of Short Sea transport and the wide variety of needs that it meets. Our experts work alongside our customers to meet their individual requirements – saving costs and keeping businesses moving.
Watch the trailer above to find out more and stay tuned for our series of videos highlighting the  advantages of Short Sea shipping.

Simple and flexible

Our setup of a single point-of-contact allows straightforward human-to-human contact that brings a clear connection for the customer and enables us to do what we do best: work together to find the best solution. 

From the moment the booking is requested to the moment the cargo is loaded onto our ships, every step is adjustable – we work in a simple, fast, and flexible way, both at origin and destination. Enhancing our seamless customer experience is our eBusiness platform myMSC - which ensures that, from quote to delivery, all our customer needs are met. 

At MSC, safety is key. We pride ourselves on ensuring safe and secure transportation – and provide customers with specialized equipment and a regular service schedule that meets all their needs. We know that our customers count on our reliability – and so we work to enable their success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Short Sea offerings can help your business, check out the videos and read more on our dedicated Short Sea page.


*Maritime Transport Statistics 2020