MSC and MEDLOG prove a popular attraction at Intermodal South America


MSC and MEDLOG prove a popular attraction at Intermodal South America


The joint stand of MSC and MEDLOG was one of the most visited at the Intermodal South America fair, as our experts hosted some 1,800 visitors to discuss their business needs and the latest market developments.

Our 145 experts, from more than 10 countries, welcomed customers and suppliers during the three days of the fair and discussed important new developments including the new fruit service from Pecém port to the Mediterranean starting in September 2019, and the intermodal services we offer throughout Latin America.

The logistic, freight and foreign trade market is optimistic about the resumption of investments in 2019 and last year alone, the sector handled more than $184,670 billion in exports and $139,084 billion in imports. With door-to-door transport services and global logistics offerings, MSC and MEDLOG provide the solutions that your business needs to reliably deliver for your customers.

“MSC and MEDLOG operate independently, but customers who choose to work with both for shipping and transport and logistics door-to-door solutions will benefit from our seamless collaboration in ensuring their cargo reaches its destination on time and in optimum condition,” said Erika Jamas, Senior Reefer Manager of MSC Brazil.

Multimodal solutions to logistics challenges

Elmer Justo, Logistics Director of MSC Brazil, presented a multimodal case study to the conference participants about an iron ore and manganese shipment, which was transported from Brazil to China in less than 55 days.

The process presented various challenges and the lecture focused on how these were overcome, delivering the cargo from the inland state of Rondonia via connecting trucks, barges and ocean-going vessels to its destination.

“We can see the multimodal benefits of offering door-to-door service to producers, shippers and receivers – less bureaucracy, optimized communication and increased volumes of diversified commodities to be shipped abroad,” Elmer said in the speech.

“This enables more producers to ship and be recognized by international companies. Therefore, the country can develop new sources of income, also developing the small local industries.”

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