Reefer Containers Unable to be Offloaded in Xingang (China)

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company advises customers of the following:

The COVID test procedures related to import reefer cargo are slowing down operations in the port of XINGANG (CHINA), where reefers remain lying on quay, occupying all available plugs.

MSC cannot secure the discharge of reefer containers at the designated port where a source of power may be not available.

Consequently, where it is not possible to discharge some, or all, reefer containers, MSC has no option but to apply clause 19 of our Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions.

It means that the reefer containers may be discharged at an intermediate, or alternative, port and held there until it is possible to forward them to the designated port of discharge.

In case the situation remains unchanged it may be necessary to abandon the voyage and advise you from where the container(s) may be collected.

Please note that in both cases MSC is entitled to charge to the Merchant additional freight and costs,  including but not limited to, storage, demurrage, and plugging .

Please note that MSC, with a view to contributing to the de-congestion of the port, with immediate effect, and until new order, will not be able to ship reefer containers from any origin, destined to said port of XINGANG.

In view of the above scenario it is envisaged that portions of reefer business could chose alternative Chinese Port(s) of Discharge where it is expected that the same situation observed in XINGANG would rapidly replicate.

It should be observed in fact that practically all the main ports in Asia (and not only) are subject to heavy pressure and working almost at full utilization, thus the alternative places for unloading reefers are minimal.

In all cases the above mentioned clause 19 will apply.

The delay to your cargo is beyond MSC‘s control and, for the avoidance of doubt, MSC is not liable for loss or damage caused by the delay.

We apologize for any disruption and delay that your cargo may experience. MSC continues to monitor and implement necessary measures to minimize the effects of these unfortunate developments.

For specific questions, please contact your MSC local agent .

Thank you for your understanding and support.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company