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A MSC tem ajudado os clientes a enviar carga de e para o Iêmen, em todo o mundo. Como líder de mercado, oferecemos serviços de transporte confiáveis e eficientes de e para o Iêmen para uma ampla gama de mercados e fornecedores.

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Detention, demurrage, Per Diem and storage charges

What is detention?

Detention is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the use of the carrier’s full container inside the marine terminal, railroad facilities or container yard

What is demurrage?

Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, inside the terminal for the use of the land. 
In case of a demurrage dispute, please contact us on email Abilash@sabaint.net   write the following in the email subject: Dispute + Invoice Number), describing the reasons for your dispute in your email. 
What is Per Diem?

Per Diem is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the use of the carrier’s container (full or empty) outside the marine terminal, rail ramp or container yard.  
In case of Per Diem disputes, email Abilash@sabaint.net , mentioning the invoice number in the email subject. Please describe the reasons for your  

What are storage charges?

A storage charge is applicable, after the free time expires, for containers left inside the rail ramp or container yard (for the use of the land).

SOLAS VGM information for Yemen

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

What do I need to include in my VGM instructions?

You must include the following on all VGM instructions:

  • Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number
  • Container number
  • VGM + weight measurement unit (lbs. or kgs.)
  • Responsible Party Name
  • Digital signature of the authorised signatory in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

How can I submit my VGM instructions?

  • myMSC (Free of Charge) 
  • EDI (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart)
  • Manually (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart)
  • Email: Abilash@sabaint.net (note: the email will only be monitored for VGM declarations)

Guidelines for submitting your VGM instructions

  • MSC prefers to receive a Shipper-Verified Gross Mass (VGM) before cargo is delivered. This helps to avoid any unexpected weighing charges being levied against the cargo at the US Port of Loading, which will be billed to the Shipper of Record.
  • Any Shipper of Record-signed VGM will override any VGM derived at or by the terminal.
  • For truck delivery, the ultimate deadline for VGM submission will be 12:00 noon local time on the day of the cargo cut-off. 
  • There are currently no US terminals with a “NO VGM – No GATE” policy. 
  • All rail shipments must have the VGM submitted within 24 hours of the container gating in at the origin rail ramp, to avoid any extra fees levied by the terminal for weighing services. Late gates will only be considered for approval when a VGM is submitted by the Shipper of Record before 12:00 noon, local time, on the day of the cargo cut-off. 

MSC admin fees and costs

Manual VGM Submission Fee (applies to email, fax, and inclusion on standard shipping instructions): 25 USD per container. Late VGM Submission Fee: 25 USD per container. VGM Misdeclaration Fee: 300 USD per misdeclaration, per container.

Prohibited cargo



  • Narcotics
  • Pornography (please consider the term as used under the Islamic law).
  • Counterfeit items
  • Cultural artefacts and other objects of cultural importance.
  • Henna
  • Palm tree and any products thereof.
  • Explosive material
  • Fuels containing lead
  • Any foods prohibited under Islamic law.
  • Products of Israeli origin.

Though the above items are the only ones prohibited, there are a number of goods that are heavily restricted. For more information, see the links below.




  • The same as imports.

For full details of prohibited cargo in Yemen please visit the links below:

Procedures and formalities
Imports and exports

List of terminals 

MSC operates services to and from the following Ports and Terminals in Yemen

Aden (YEADE) - Aden container terminal
Hodeidah (YEHOD) - Hodeidah Port Authority
Mukalla (YEMKX) - Port of Mukalla