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Connecting Cameroon to the world

MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from Cameroon since 2006.

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SOLAS VGM information Cameroon
MSC agencies can offer mandatory container weight verification (VGM) in accordance with the SOLAS convention

All MSC local offices provide certified scales to record and verify container weight (verified gross mass or VGM) in line with Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS) regulations. VGM instructions are mandatory for all shipments for safety reasons and vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been appropriately verified. Contact your local MSC team for more information and support. 


Prohibited cargo
As per general MSC rules, subject to the destination of the shipment.

Thanks to check with MSC Douala before loading particular / special cargo.

Please note toxic waste, scrap materials are strictly forbidden at Douala port.

MSC Cameroon will not be responsible for the non compliance of this instruction.


Terminal Name                                                                                                             MSC Code                                         Port                                           Country                                        UNCode

RTC - REGIE DU TERMINAL A CONTENEURS                                         CMDLADT                                         DOUALA                                CAMEROON                            CMDLA

Carregamento de Carga
As instalações de manuseio de carga da MSC estão estrategicamente localizadas para garantir o carregamento eficiente e oportuno de mercadorias para exportação e importação. Também oferecemos serviços de consolidação de carga, carregamento e recarregamento, embalagem, desembalagem e carregamento cruzado de contêineres a caminhões.
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