MSC Extends its SOT Programme Globally


As recently announced, MSC launched a “Suspension of Transit” (SOT) programme which uses some of the world’s leading transshipment hubs as advance storage posts to help shippers begin moving goods early in anticipation of a resumption in demand, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The SOT programme is proving to be particularly useful for beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and cargo consolidators, all of which are faced with congestion at ports of destination and the related possibility of high warehousing storage costs. This is due to ongoing disruptions related to COVID-19.

Initially focused on six strategic points to meet a recovery in demand for freight from Asia, MSC’s SOT initiative is now extended to more trade routes with the addition of extra transshipment hubs such as Freeport in Bahamas, Gioia Tauro in Italy, Klaipeda in Lithuania, and Las Palmas in Spain.

By turning this programme into a truly international proposition, MSC demonstrates its solid market position and its commitment to ensure both business continuity and high levels of customer service.

Building on its global presence, modern fleet and large-scale operations, MSC’s SOT programme is based around the world's largest hub network of its kind in the container shipping market.

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