Fire on Maersk Honam - Vessel to be Towed to Jebel Ali

Dear Customers,

We refer to our previous communications of 7 and 13 March 2018 in respect of the fire onboard the vessel “Maersk Honam” 806W.

Maersk Line has now informed us that Maersk Honam will be towed to Jebel Ali where cargo will be off-loaded. The ETA is still to be confirmed, and may be approximately two weeks from now.

Based on a limited amount of information to hand, MSC reasonably expects that a substantial proportion of the cargo located after, behind the ship's accommodation area should be in sound condition. Unfortunately, we must assume, based on the details to date, that most containers located in front of the accommodation area are damaged by fire, heat or the water used to fight the fire.

We will only be able to clarify the situation once the cargo has been discharged at the port of refuge and inspected.

In the meantime, MSC encourages you to ensure that your insurers prepare the required GA and Salvage security bonds. The sooner that these are in place, the sooner cargoes are likely to reach their destinations.

Our teams at your local MSC agency will be kept closely informed and we invite you to approach them as and when you need.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.