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MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from Brazil since 1997. Today, MSC Brazil stands for 16 offices, 6 depots, 13 ports of call, 10 weekly services and 2,700 calls, connecting 200 global routes. 


Awards for MSC Brazil:

  • Top Carrier – LIDE Business Leaders Group 2019 & 2021
  • Child friendly company since 2019 (awarding company: ABRINQ)

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Detention Charges

Kindly note below detention values for Brazilian ports to be applied as from October 14th, 2023, date of empty container pick-up.

*Cost per day per container (in USD)

 Dry containers

All Brazilian ports 20' DV 40' DV / HC 20' HC / OT / FR / PL 40' OT / FR / PL
Free time 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days
Thereafter USD 60.00 per day USD 110.00 per day USD 80.00 per day  USD 140.00 per day


All Brazilian ports 45' HC / HP / PW
Free time 5 days
Thereafter USD 127.00 per day


Reefer containers

All Brazilian Ports 20' RE 40' RE / HR
Freetime  4 days 4 days
Thereafter USD 150.00 per day USD 300.00 per day 

General comments:

  • General terms are duly registered in a Notary Public's Office.
  • In case of detention, the merchant must pay untill the expiry date on the billing notice. After the invoice expiry date and if the payment is not received, the shipment may be subject to delays, and consequently any special conditions are considered null (including special per diem & free time), and the standard tariff will therefore apply,as per the values and free days detailed in the original booking confirmation clause 21 item “o”.
  • In case of a container shipped as "NOR" (Non-Operating Reefer), it must be considered the reefer container detention values.

In case of doubts, please contact your local MSC office.

Demurrage in Brazil

Kindly note below demurrage values to be applied as from sailing date October 14th, 2023. 
*Cost per day per container (in USD)

Dry containers

 All Brazilian ports  20' DV 40' DV / HC
 Free time  6 days 6 days
 From 7th to 11th (running days) USD 45.00 per day USD 85.00 per day
 Thereafter  USD 90.00 per day USD 155.00 per day

All Brazilian ports 20’ HC / OT / FR / PL 40’ OT / FR / PL
Free time 5 days 5 days
From 6th to 10th (running days) USD 60.00 per day USD 110.00 per day
Thereafter USD 95.00 per day USD 205.00 per day


All Brazilian ports 45’ HC / HP / PW
Free time 6 days
From 7th to 11th (running days) USD 100.00 per day
Thereafter USD 180.00 per day


Reefer containers

All Brazilian ports  20' RE  40' RE / HR
 Free time  2 days 2 days
 From 3rd to 7th (running days)  USD 110.00 per day  USD 210.00 per day
 Thereafter   USD 200.00 per day  USD 380.00 per day

General comments: 

  • General terms are duly registered in a Notary Public's Office.
  • In case of demurrage, the consignee must pay until the expiry date on billing notice. After the invoice expiry date and if the payment is not received, the shipment may  be subject to delays, and consequently any special conditions are considered null (including special per diem & free time), and the standard tariff will therefore apply, as per the values and free days detailed in the original arrival notice clause 16.
  • In case of a container shipped as "NOR" (Non-Operating Reefer), it must be considered the reefer container demurrage values.

In case of doubts, please contact your local MSC office.

MyMSC Guides Brazil

Forms and support materials are now available in order to register your company and have access to use MyMSC tools.

Kindly note below:


iNTTRA Guides Brazil

Reference material for Bookings and Shipping Instructions via INTTRA
Support files:

To update your registration data and personal information, please contact INTTRA support team through 0800-8881126 or send an e-mail

Documentation Certificates

Certificate requests must be forwarded to the MSC agency at the loading port.  Please see below for relative e-mail addresses .
In order to prepare a draft for the certificate, the following items must be detailed in the form: references, clauses, loading port and date of BL.

All requests will be analyzed internally and may be rejected if they are not in accordance with company policy.
After an internal analysis, a sample certificate will be forwarded to the requester for approval.
Once the draft is approved, the payment is confirmed and following the vessel’s departure, the MSC agency at the port of loading will issue the certificate to the requester.

MSC agency e-mail address contacts:

Certificates in Belem
Belem port
+55 91 3321 9500

Certificates in Fortaleza
Fortaleza port
+55 85 3208 8650

Certificates in Manaus
Manaus port
+55 92 2125 9500

Certificates in Navegantes

Navegantes & Itajai ports
+55 47 2104 6500

Certificates in Paranagua
Paranagua port
+55 41 3721 9500

Certificates in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro & Itaguai ports
+55 21 3535 2999
Certificates in Rio Grande
Rio Grande port
+55 53 3293 6500

Certificates in Santos
Santos port
+55 13 3211 9500

Certificates in Sao Francisco do Sul

Sao Francisco e Itapoa ports
+55 47 3444 6085

Certificates in Vitoria
Vitoria port
+55 27 3320 9100

Shipping Instruction Amendment

Amendments / Corrections
Whenever an amendment / correction is required, customers must send request thru the “Amend SI” Tool at INTTRA Website, except for cases described on item 9.

Kindly note below important points:

1. Charge will be applied for each “Amend SI” sent after “draft deadline”, thus we suggest customers to consolidate all corrections in a unique "Amend SI" in order to avoid extra costs.
In case of direct shipments to Mexico, United States and China ports, whenever bookings are transferred, charge will be applied based on the first vessel´s “draft deadline” booked;
Customers requiring Correction Letters may find out related charges by contacting our Customer Service desk or MSC Agency at loading port.

2. All "Amends SI" sent after “draft deadline” will be analyzed, processed and charged, therefore no cancelation will be accepted after submission;

3. After submitting "Amend SI", we request customers to send to Port Agent an e-mail containing invoicing authorization and/or payment receipt and the confirmation of LOI submission (when necessary) as well. In case customers are in possession of originals BL, they must be returned to any MSC Offices;

*** LOI is required whenever amendment / correction is sent after 5 days of vessel sailing. Click here to visualize LOI draft

4. “Amend SI” is not required when booking is transferred to a different vessel/voyage, as booking details will be considered by MSC;

5. Make sure to select the correct SI (the one already submitted) when using the option "Amend SI";

6. It is required to identify in the comments field of the “Amend SI” which kind of amendments / corrections are requested such as: - Split B/L; - Seal Change due to physical inspection by RFB; - Typing Error; - Seal Damage during vessel operation; - Etc;

7. In case of split B/L, change of destination (COD), sanctioned countries, registration of consignee/notify or amendments / corrections submitted after destination´s allowed period, further analysis is required by destination office, thus amendment / correction confirmation may take longer due to eventual time difference;

8. After amendment / correction is processed, a BL copy will be available at INTTRA Website or will be sent to customers via e-mail for destinations listed on item 9;

9. Above mentioned procedure does not apply for shipments to Argentina, Iran, Syria, Sudan and South Sudan which shipping instruction is sent in Word format, therefore amendment / corrections must be sent via Excel spreadsheet (From: /To:).

*** Click here to visualize Excel Spreadsheet

Seals Sequence and Procedure

Following the current bolt seal security procedure, we kindly ask your attention regarding some steps which must be considered and used to register seal information. Click here to open the document.

SOLAS VGM information for Brazil

What is VGM?
Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

Government approval status
Approved by DPC – Direction of Ports and Coasts
Portaria DPC Nº 164

What to include in your VGM instructions
The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions:

  • Booking or Bill of Lading number
  • Container number
  • VGM + unit
  • Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers)
  • Responsible party Name

How to submit your VGM instructions
INTTRA Web Portal
MyMSC Web Portal (Free of charge)

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions
2 hours before cargo deadline (as per local rules)

Admin Fees and costs

  • There is a cost of USD 0.25 per VGM transaction by INTTRA.
  • Extra costs for failing to timely provide VGM to MSC will be at shippers account

Recommendations & Guideline

  • MSC Local agency should be informed in advance about the appointment of 3rd parties to provide the VGM.
  • In case the agency hasn’t received the client’s VGM, the unit will not be loaded.
  • In case a single unit from a lot doesn’t have VGM, MSC will not be able to load any unit of that lot, leaving additional terminal costs on behalf of the customer.
  • In case any unit is loaded on the “straight from the street” condition, the deadline for receiving the VGM remains the same as mentioned on item 10.
  • In case any unit is subjected to physical inspection by Customs Authorities, whether at the Terminal and or at the Dry Port (Redex) and VGM has already been sent, we are able to receive the rectification.
  • Important: all containers with sailing date scheduled for July 1st must already have VGM, - and for such, please plan with at least a week in advance.
  • The equipment number should be typed without considering space, period or hyphen. Make sure that booking and container(s) number(s) are correct.
  • If the VGM contains grams, you should use the point to separate them from the hundred, such as: 26400.080 kg.
  • Only the fields that have an asterisk (*) are required.
  • If the unit is “Shipper Own Container” (SOC), the container number should be given to MSC – Customer Service analyst before the VGM is submitted, otherwise our system will not process the information. Therefore, we need to receive the number(s) of container(s) in the booking request, adding in the comment’s field.
  • VGM’s transmission at the portal “” follows USA’s UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time, in other words, if it is submitted at 8:00am Brasilia’s time, it will appear as 11:00am (when the time difference is 3 hours), and the time considered will be time minus 3.

Contact information
MSC Customer Desk Service
Tel.: + 55 13 3211 9500 (

General Information


In the MSC Speak-up Line reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected breaches of MSC’s Code of Business Conduct, MSC’s policies & procedures or violations of the law.

The reporting system may not be used to make false accusations against others, and altogether, deliberately untrue information may not be reported.

In order to access the MSC Speak-up line, please click here.



To comply with Law No. 14.611, note the transparency reports for each company below:

Загрузка груза

Грузоперерабатывающие мощности MSC стратегически расположены таким образом, чтобы обеспечить эффективную и своевременную погрузку товаров на экспорт и импорт. Мы также предоставляем услуги по консолидации грузов, погрузке и перегрузке, упаковке, распаковке и перегрузке из контейнеров в грузовики.
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