MSC comment on MCS Industries claim and FMC filing


MSC comment on MCS Industries claim and FMC filing


MSC does not believe there is a basis for a default judgment and has filed on 22 September 2022 a response to the judge’s most recent order. 

By its terms, the Judge’s order concerns a discovery dispute and not the merits of the case.  Swiss law prevents MSC from producing certain documents without proper authorization from the Swiss authorities.  MSC is fully cooperating with the FMC and has proposed a process that will allow it to fully comply with both U.S. and Swiss law.

As to the merits of the case, it is a contractual dispute; there are no claims of collusion.  MCS Industries entirely abandoned all of its unsupported claims of collusion when it amended its complaint last year.  The claims that MSC did not meet its contractual obligations are likewise meritless.  MSC has investigated the matter and has concluded that MCS Industries’ difficulties with its cargo bookings arose from errors and communication issues between MCS Industries and third-party intermediaries, and not from any wrongdoing by MSC.  Accordingly, MSC will continue to defend this case vigorously.

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