MSC to Showcase its Expertise in the Global Cherry Summit 2024


MSC to Showcase its Expertise in the Global Cherry Summit 2024


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Considered one of the main events focusing on the cherry industry, the Global Cherry Summit connects producers, exporters and other relevant actors in the business. To be held in Santiago, Chile, on April 25th, the Summit provides attendees with all the information necessary to understand the variables that affect the global growth and development of this crop, including productivity, logistics, advertising, and trade. 

Chile is one of the biggest cherry producing nations in the southern hemisphere, with Asia as the main market of this produce. MSC has a wealth of experience in shipping cherries, from local experts in the supply chain to our reefer specialists, ensuring that this sweet cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition.

An event to not miss

MSC is a proud sponsor of the event that gathers more than 1,000 participants and 70 exhibiting companies. The venue will allow our experts to talk about our Reefer solutions, extensive coverage, reliable and fast routes, local expertise, specialized equipment and tailor-made services as the best option for their cargo shipment, ahead of the upcoming cherry season

The 5th edition of the Global Cherry Summit, organized by the Yentzen Group and the Frutas de Chile association, includes prominent international speakers, analysis of emerging markets and the various marketing strategies developed in different markets. 

Don’t miss the chance to visit us, if you didn’t get the chance to buy your ticket yet you can do so here.