MSC-sponsored Team Malizia Finishes 80-day Ocean Race, Skippered by Boris Herrmann


MSC-sponsored Team Malizia Finishes 80-day Ocean Race, Skippered by Boris Herrmann



Photo credit: Martin Keruzoré / Team Malizia

MSC congratulates Boris, Team Malizia and the Yacht Club of Monaco for claiming the 5th place in the toughest ocean race in the world.

Friends, family and partners gave Boris, the skipper of Team Malizia, a warm welcome when he successfully finished Vendée Globe, the most challenging non-stop solo round the world race on Thursday 28 January 2021 at 11.19 AM.

Finally after more than 80 lonely and extremely tough days at sea, Boris Herrmann aboard the Seaexplorer, an IMOCA60 monohull, finished in 5th place which is an incredible victory for a first time participant in the Vendée Globe. 

The Vendée Globe, nicknamed the Everest of Seas, is a difficult race not only because of the distance covered but also because the sailors are not entitled to any assistance or stopovers. This 9th edition, like every Vendée Globe race, was certainly successful but also tumultuous; violent gusts of wind, big swells, and damages caused by the violent weather or rough conditions at sea. At the start there were 33 sailors, only 25 crossed the finish line and 8 had to give up. 

Climate research

MSC is not only proud of Boris' amazing race result but also proud to be part of an extraordinary project that allows scientists to better understand the impact of climate change. While racing, Team Malizia contributed to climate research and raised awareness around climate change and ocean protection. Data collected through the onboard laboratory enabled scientists to gather invaluable research data from places they would not have access to otherwise.

At MSC, we believe that the path to sustainable shipping involves commitment, innovation, dialogue, advocacy, and investment that’s why partnerships with organisations like Team Malizia are essential in achieving a more sustainable future. 

Congratulations to Boris and Team Malizia! We are looking forward to the next race and scientific expedition onboard the Seaexplorer yacht.

To find out more about how Team Malizia and partners such as MSC, are supporting ocean science, visit: