Contributing to green energy transition in Asia


Contributing to green energy transition in Asia



There has been a rising global push for clean, renewable energy development such as wind and solar. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the global wind energy industry grew by over 53% from 2019 to 2020, and investment in offshore wind totaled $303 billion in 2020.

While several countries in Europe have already been exploring offshore wind for several years, the push for offshore wind development in other regions is growing fast.  Asia is seen as the next hot spot for offshore wind development, and in particular, Taiwan has frequently been touted as one of the leading markets in the region in the race towards clean energy.

Recently, MSC’s office in Taiwan successfully shipped its first batch of import shipments related to an offshore wind project, by moving building materials in containers from Aarhus in Denmark to Taichung in central Taiwan.

Close collaboration among MSC’s teams in Denmark, Taiwan and Ningbo enabled the shipments to be delivered in a speedy manner, first via the Albatros service from Aarhus to Ningbo, and subsequently via  commercial feeders to Taichung. The shipments comprise a special type of cement used for developing the grouted structural connections of the wind power generator, which was urgently required for delivery to the construction site.

“Good synergy among our different offices coupled with the strong rapport MSC had with both the shipper and consignee contributed to this successful customer case. We are delighted we ably met the customer’s requirements for this milestone shipment, as it is the first time we are involved in a shipment related to a major offshore wind project in Taiwan,” said Patrick Chang, General Manager of MSC’s Taiwan office.

Mads Johnsen, Commercial Director of MSC Denmark, added, “We demonstrated flexibility and dedicated customer service for these shipments including special procedures to ensure quick transshipment of the cargo in a heavily congested port like Ningbo. Not only did we impress the customer with the strength of our trade service and equipment availability, but our personal touch in terms of understanding their needs was also critical for this positive outcome.”