From the South Pacific to Europe: Taking New Zealand’s Apples to the World


From the South Pacific to Europe: Taking New Zealand’s Apples to the World


Shipping perishable fruit from the sunny orchards of Nelson, New Zealand to markets on the other side of the world in the United Kingdom and Europe requires a highly-sophisticated supply chain. Faced with the challenge of needing to ship their apples long distance, Golden Bay Fruit partnered with MSC to do just that. Find out how MSC’s global network, solid expertise in transporting perishable produce and advanced reefer technology help Golden Bay Fruit take their apples from New Zealand to international markets. 

The story thus far

Dedicated to growing the best quality fruit for over 25 years, Golden Bay Fuit was born from multi-generation growers who decided together to create a sustainable business for future generations. Today, Golden Bay Fruit is home to over 750 hectares of apple orchards, led by experienced and passionate people. Their orchards are nestled in the plains between the serene beaches of Golden Bay and the rugged Takaka Hills - a unique location providing the perfect place to grow fruit

Since it takes a full year to grow a great apple, Golden Bay Fruit requires an experienced shipping partner to ensure their products can arrive at international apple markets in perfect condition. With 25 years of experience in transporting perishable produce over vast distances from New Zealand, MSC has been working with Golden Bay Fruit for 4 years now.

Tailor-made logistics solutions

In an effort to meet and exceed the specific needs of Golden Bay Fruit, MSC developed a unique tailor-made logistics solution, ensuring direct weekly sailings from Nelson, readily available reefer equipment and container tracking reports.

Throughout the voyage, the apples remain secure and well cared for inside MSC’s advanced refrigerated containers. These units use state-of-the-art technology to control temperature, humidity, and ventilation, helping ensure the apples remain in great condition from loading to delivery.  

“The main benefits we looked at when we joined our partnership with MSC is the reliability of their reefer equipment. We are a long way from our markets and sometimes our product is on the water for six to seven weeks, so having great equipment that is going to look after our perishable product is paramount for us,” explains Heath Wilkins, CEO Golden Bay Fruit.

“It is an absolute privilege to partner with Golden Bay Fruits, shipping their fresh produce for them so that international markets can also enjoy a crisp and tasty New Zealand apple. We very much look forward to continuing our strong relationship in the years ahead.” - Steve Wright, General Manager MSC New Zealand.

Watch the video above to learn more about the relationship between MSC and Golden Bay Fruit.

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With the New Zealand apple season about to begin, discover how MSC can help you prepare.

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