MSC PALAK Container Incident in South Africa


MSC PALAK Container Incident in South Africa


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is actively responding to the loss of a number of containers overboard from the cargo ship MSC PALAK after the vessel was caught in rough weather while at anchorage near the Port of Nqgura (Coega) in South Africa late on 14 July 2020.

According to a preliminary assessment, 22 containers were missing and presumed to have fallen overboard into the sea. These containers were mainly filled with biodegradable cargo and no dangerous or polluting cargo was spilled overboard.

MSC is in contact with local authorities to provide them with all necessary information about the contents of the missing containers and surveyors were already quickly appointed to search for the missing containers.

MSC is appointing experienced response companies to conduct further investigations and salvage operations.

MSC understands that soon after the incident the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) issued a warning notice in relation to this incident and Coega port was temporarily closed to ensure the safety of other vessels operating in the area.

MSC PALAK has subsequently returned to Coega where it was berthed for further surveys.