Connecting Mexico to the world

MSC Mexico has been a major player in domestic and international trade and commerce for over 20 years, offering innovative maritime and intermodal services that are tailormade to the local market.

Our agency is well-known for establishing personal and long-term relationships with our customers and is often regarded as the most flexible and efficient carrier in Mexico. 

Awards for MSC Mexico

  • Hutchison Terminal – Best Shipping Line – Operational Efficiency 2018
  • ATP Terminals – Vessel Scheduling Award
  • Samsung – Top Carrier 2018 / 2019

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LOI (Letter of indemnity) for lost or destroyed OBLs (Original Bills of Lading)

What is an LOI?

An LOI (Letter of Indeminity) is required when an original Bill of Lading is lost or destroyed. It can be completed by shipper at the Port of Loading, or by the consignee at the Port of Discharge.

The LOI requires 200% of the commercial value of the cargo plus Ocean Freight to be guaranteed either through bank or MSC’s Insurance company.

MSC’s global LOI requirements are set out by our Geneva headquarters. The LOI must be completed as per these instructions in order for a duplicate Bill of Lading to be issued.

Prohibited Cargo

Please consult the link here for a full list of prohibited cargo in Mexico. 

List of terminals 

Ports and terminals
MSC operates services to and from the following Mexico ports and terminals. 

 Port of Loading  Terminal 1   Terminal 2 
Manzanillo SSA  CONTECON
Lazaro Cardenas Hutchison Port Terminal  APM 
Altamira ATP   
Veracruz ICAVE 
Progreso APM   
Guaymas  Transferenicas Portuarias del Pacifico  
Ensenada Hutchison - EIT   

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