How does MSC’s T&T API improve shipment visibility?
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MSC offers a range of direct integration solutions to connect our system securely to yours and streamline ocean freight shipments.


We are currently working with numerous customers and business partners to set up these solutions, and we welcome new requests and enquiries.


The following customer testimonial is an example of one of our many successful projects to date. It contains useful information about partnering with MSC, and the benefits our solutions can bring to your business.

MSC and Flexport have been long time partners. Now, Flexport is using MSC’s Track & Trace API to streamline the way customers access freight data. Read the customer testimonial below to learn more. 

Flexport: the technology platform for global logistics

Flexport is a full-service global freight forwarder and logistics platform designed to provide visibility and control over the entire supply chain. The company has long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading transportation providers, including MSC. Learn more about Flexport

The Initial Situation

Today’s customers expect accurate and timely updates about every stage of their shipment in order to plan and, if necessary, respond to delays or issues. This has become more important than ever in the COVID era of supply chain disruptions.

Through its platform, Flexport partners with multiple parties, from ocean carriers to terminals to consignees to customs authorities. These parties often have their own systems and data formats, which can make information-sharing slow and challenging.

The Solution

To give customers better insights into the ocean leg of their cargo’s voyage, Flexport has integrated MSC’s Track & Trace API into the Flexport Platform. MSC uses the DCSA’s Track & Trace API standard: a data format that is particularly easy to consume.

The API connection provides milestone updates to Flexport customers and Flexport’s operational teams. Customers can then use this information to make decisions about their supply chain, such as how much inventory to hold or how to divert deliveries at destination.

The Outcome

The Track & Trace API  between MSC and Flexport has created multiple benefits for our shared customers. First, is faster and simpler data-sharing. Customers now have up-to-date shipping information at their fingertips and higher quality data tracking capabilities.

For MSC, the Track & Trace API allows it to establish quicker, more secure connections.

MSC and Flexport teams now have fewer phone calls, customer service inquiries and errors, and less manual work and complexity overall.

« The new API integration delivers near real time, high-quality ocean milestones, meaning better visibility for us and our clients. We’re excited to continue our technology partnership with MSC. »

–  Flexport