MSC Imparts Insights on Intra-Africa Trade, Next Decade Challenges and AfCFTA Opportunities


MSC Imparts Insights on Intra-Africa Trade, Next Decade Challenges and AfCFTA Opportunities


We are thrilled to announce that Nicolas Sartini, Senior Vice President, Business Development, representing MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, will be a distinguished speaker at the upcoming Africa CEO Forum. This prestigious event, set to unfold in Kigali, will see MSC at the forefront of championing economic advancement within the African continent.


Nicolas will participate in an informative panel discussion titled ‘AfCFTA: Scaling Intra-African Trade in a Decisive Decade’. This discussion will offer invaluable insights into how the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) can be leveraged to significantly enhance intra-African trade, paving the way for a new era of economic integration and prosperity for the continent.


With Africa poised for exponential growth and the AfCFTA projected to create a single market of 1.7 billion people and $6.7 trillion, now is the opportune moment to harness the continent's vast economic potential. This initiative, along with Africa's increasing engagement in digital transformation and innovation, presents numerous opportunities for businesses invest, enhance supply chain efficiency, and participate in the continent's economic development.


MSC's participation in the Africa CEO Forum supports its unwavering commitment to fostering economic development and facilitating trade across Africa. Through its active engagement, insightful contributions, and collaborative efforts, MSC reaffirms its position as a key partner in driving forward the agenda of intra-African trade and regional integration.


As the forum progresses, MSC remains committed to working alongside its partners to shape a prosperous future for Africa, demonstrating its dedication to the continent's economic resilience and growth. 

Join us in Kigali for this momentous event as we explore the future of Africa's economic landscape together on 16 May at 16.30 EAT.