MSC was proud to attend WPC23


From March 20 to March 24, MSC USA experts joined the leading companies, organizations and individuals leaving their mark in the chemical and petrochemical industry at the World Petrochemical Conference 2023, which took place in Houston, Texas. 
Hosted by S&P Commodity Insights, the 4-day event featured a wide array of opportunities for industry professionals to discuss, strategize and share the latest insights in innovation, technology and the supply chain. 
MSC USA’s presence was felt throughout the event, not only at the MSC stand, but also through the participation of various MSC USA experts in panels and discussions, including MSC USA President and CEO Fabio Santucci, MSC USA Executive Vice President Giancarlo Morgera and MSC USA Assistant Vice President Giuseppe Digiamma on topics surrounding supply chain and logistics, sustainability and more. 
MSC is delighted to have taken place in this opportunity and hope to return in the next year. 
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