MSC - Focused on Fruit and Vegetables


The fresh fruit and vegetable market is one of the most important in world trade. Global sales are forecast to grow strongly in the coming years and Statista projects that revenue from fresh fruit will exceed US $665bn by 2027*. 

At MSC, we know this sector is important to our business and to our customers. We continue to provide the best equipment and services for our clients shipping fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world. Our cutting-edge reefer technology, as well as dedicated cold storage warehousing solutions give customers the peace of mind that their cargo will be well maintained while in our custody. Alongside the technology, our expert teams work to provide tailored, door-to-door solutions that best meet customer needs.

We have recently achieved several “firsts” with our customers in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, including bananas from Brasil to Egypt and the first controlled atmosphere shipment from Greece: great news for our customers shipping kiwi fruit. The trend for controlled atmosphere exports continued in South Africa, which saw a 50% increase in this type of cargo being exported – most notably across avocadoes and blueberries.

In addition, our new NWC-WAF direct service is designed to support shippers exporting reefer commodities, and connects Dakar, Senegal, with key ports across North Europe. The service provides the best transit times on the market connecting Senegal with Antwerp in 7 days, London in 9 days and Le Havre in 11 days.

Caroline Diagne, Trade Coordinator for MSC Senegal commented: “The fruit and vegetable market is very important in Senegal. Indeed, we have seen the vegetable market growing approximately 10% year on year since 2020 with the biggest growth in sweetcorn and green beans. Our key fruit exports include melons, which are in high demand across countries such as Spain and Italy, as well as the North West Continent. In fact, we have recently introduced a new feeder service called ‘Spain to/from Mauritania and Senegal’ specifically to cope with demand in the region.”

Annick Okeni, Reefer Manager for MSC Cote d’Ivoire, added: “Bananas are big business for the Ivory Coast, and represent around half of all fruit cargo exports for the country. Mangos are our second most popular export and we have seen around a 6% growth across 2021 and 2022.Our new NWC – WAF service is proving popular with customers and is also enhanced by our NWC – WAF – Morocco service, providing a complementary option to support the needs of our perishable goods exporters.”

Across the world, MSC remains committed and ready to transit key commodities for this sector, such as avocados, bananas, green beans, mangoes, melons, tomatoes, and more.  Alongside this, we are also able to meet the needs of customers transporting temperature-controlled liquids, such as fruit juice, with our dedicated liquid cargo services. 

No matter what your cargo needs are in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, MSC is ready to find the solution you need.

MSC's experts will be present at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 8-10 February. We look forward to seeing you there!