New Zealand’s Apple Exporting Season Returns – Get On Board with MSC


New Zealand truly does produce some of the highest quality apples in the world, which are enjoyed both domestically and even more so internationally. New Zealand’s apples are in such high demand that during the export season, which traditionally runs between February and September, they are shipped to over 100 countries around the world.

Apples have become so successful for this South Pacific island nation that the sector is forecast to become a billion-dollar industry by 2022.


New Zealand has been exporting apples since 1890 and the country experiences a perfect climate for growing some of the world’s premium varieties. This is because New Zealand receives high levels of sunshine and enjoys a more moderate climate than continental countries, being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. This effectively translates into cool winters and warm summers, both essential to produce crisp and flavoursome apples.

New Zealand’s apples are loved around the world for their taste, crisp texture, and variety. The country grows a number of different types to meet the various palates of the world. For example, United Kingdom and European markets traditionally enjoy a full-flavoured apple with an acidic balance, whilst American and Asian markets prefer some of New Zealand’s newer varieties, which are sweeter and juicier.


Regardless of where they are sold on the planet, and given that New Zealand is 12,000 miles from some of the key export markets, MSC recognises the trust that is placed upon us when shipping this premium perishable produce over long distances.

As a world leader in global container shipping, MSC has developed a solid expertise in transporting perishable cargo. Building on our worldwide coverage, we have been helping New Zealand exporters for years, counting on a local presence of 25 years in 2021 and offering global service with local knowledge.

At MSC, we provide our apple clients with direct 24/7 access to our vastly experienced local apple specialists, who work closely with clients to develop tailor-made customer care platforms that are carefully designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of their businesses. These include:

  • Local MSC customer service representative as a single point of contact
  • Strict turnaround times for bookings
  • Timely container releases
  • Regular shipment monitoring, tracking, and mapping reports

Our hands-on approach to customer service is supported by an advanced reefer fleet and service routing that provides competitive transit times from New Zealand to all the key international apple markets.

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