Mango Season is in Full Swing, and MSC Is Here to Help


Called the “king of fruit”, sweet and delicious mangoes are eaten across the world more than any other fruit. Greatly appreciated just as a sweet dessert, or in chutneys, ice cream and smoothies, they come in wide range of skin colours, shapes, textures, and flavours.

The mango season is in full swing in West Africa, which has become an important producing region in the world. Our expertise tells us that nearly 100,000 tonnes will be exported from Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, and Togo to Europe, with large volumes to be sent to France (Le Havre), Germany (Hamburg) and Belgium (Antwerp).

As a world leader in global container shipping, MSC has developed a solid expertise in transporting perishable cargo. Building on our modern and green fleet, we have been helping farmers and exporters make the most of the ‘peak season’ for a wide variety of fruits, including mango.

We pride ourselves on offering global service with local knowledge for the safe transportation of this special cargo, ensuring it arrives at its destination in good time and in the best possible condition.

Your mango is our focus

Shipping mangoes requires the highest level of care and a specific temperature control to preserve their taste, aromatic and colouring characteristics. At MSC, we follow highly standardised control procedures to guarantee optimal transport conditions from pick-up to delivery.

Our refrigerated containers (known as ‘reefer’) experts are trained regularly on the latest standards and processes to meet the evolving requirements of our customers and allowing them to reach any market around the world.

But that’s not all - for the mango season we offer:

  • Reefer container (20’, 40’ High Cube) availability 
  • Direct calls and high frequency of sailings from West Africa to Europe and worldwide destinations
  • Fully integrated sea and land transportation – across road, rail and sea
  • Logistics services such as stevedoring, handling, pre-trip inspection and trucking through our sister company MEDLOG
  • Two owned terminals (Lome, Togo and San Pedro, Ivory Coast)
  • Our network of multidisciplinary reefer experts offering superior knowledge and customer service from the plantation to final destination
  • World leading reefer fleet – we have grown our reefer fleet to be one of the most advanced in the world

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For more information about how we can help you benefit from this year’s mango harvest, please make contact with our specialist teams at your local office.