Fire on Maersk Elba - Update

Attn: customers with cargo onboard the vessel MAERSK ELBA on voyage 047W

We refer to our previous communications in respect of the fire onboard the MAERSK ELBA in December, which took place while the vessel was en route from Suez to Felixstowe.

The MAERSK ELBA was carrying cargo for MSC customers as part of our Shogun service.

Exceptionally, on this specific occasion, MSC has taken the decision to cover the costs so that the vessel operator will not declare General Average. This decision was taken to avoid additional costs or delays for our customers as a result of this incident.

The ship is currently in Algeciras undergoing temporary repairs from where it will continue directly to Wilhelmshaven, Germany, where cargo will be off-loaded. The ETD is still to be confirmed, but it is currently expected to be 20 January. MSC understands that Maersk is planning to arrange feeder vessels for onward carriage of cargo from Wilhelmshaven to Felixstowe and Rotterdam.

We will continue to update customers impacted by the incident. In the meantime, please contact your usual MSC representative with any specific questions.