China Low Sulphur Surcharge Europe to China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan

From 1 January 2019, vessels operating in China’s Emission Control Areas, as well as in Taiwan, will be legally required to use fuel with a maximum 0.5% Sulphur content, to minimize emissions of Sulphur oxides from ships.

Consequently, to keep the service at the required level, MSC will apply a China Low Sulphur (CLS) Surcharge to all cargoes originated from Europe destined to all ports in China, including Hong Kong, and Taiwan (including inland destinations) as follows:

  • USD20 per 20’ and USD40 per 40’, with effect 1 February 2019 (Bill of Lading Date) until further notice.

This surcharge is an additional charge. All other charges listed in our Price Announcement still apply and remain unchanged.

For your reference, consult them on Please contact your MSC local agent for queries related to port pairs not included in this latter price announcement.